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Tyson Nash Speaks about Shane Doan At Doan’s Jersey Retirement Ceremony

A fantastic and heartfelt speech that exemplifies Shane Doan’s character, humility, professional demeanour and unparalleled level of integrity. First class human being and Tyson Nash as well. It was an honour to be invited to this ceremony and to train Shane since 1999.

Welcome to Acceleration

The gym of exercise physiologist Greg Kozoris, one of the most well certified and qualified strength and conditioning specialists in the Kamloops and Okanagan region. All ages and both male and female athletes are welcome at Acceleration.

Greg has completed multiple degrees in exercise science and is certified by multiple exercise authorities in both Canada and the US. He is passionate about exercise physiology and about helping people reach their maximum physical potential. See Greg Kozoris and Training Testimonials pages to learn more!


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“Greg has expanded his skills and repertoire to begin a business working with professional and amateur athletes in strength and conditioning. Greg’s reputation amongst these athletes is second to none and I am Unaware of anybody whose work ethic and commitment to his clients is at the same level as Greg’s. Greg has worked each year updating his skills and training to be current and conducts many seminars and education sessions teaching others the skills he has developed over the years. Greg’s reputation as a Strength and Conditioning coach is unparalleled in the area.” – Jameel Aziz – Vice Principle, Brocklehurst Secondary