Training Testimonials

Greg has made a huge difference in many individuals’ lives and is passionate about continuing that practice. Read below to see how those from many different backgrounds ranging from sports institutes to secondary schools have rated programs they received from Acceleration. Greg’s positive and persistently optimistic personality has also made an impact on those he has worked with and has left a great impression and a role model for athletes to look up to.

Shane Doan - Phoenix Coyotes

Shane Doan - Phoenix Coyotes

“I have had the opportunity to work with Greg Kozoris for the past seven years as my personal coach. He has helped me with my performance endurance, which has advanced my professional career as a pro hockey player. In addition, he has enabled me to reach my personal goals of representing my country in the Olympics and other International Stages.

During the time that I work with Kozoris, he has stressed the speed, power, and acceleration as the key to any athlete. The programs that I practice under his care are superior to any other systems I have worked with or seen. He personalizes each program to match the individual’s needs and desires because of his wealth of knowledge. He persistently advances his knowledge of the human body and ways to rain it, so that he can always stay abreast with the newest ideas and formulas to better clients. I think any athlete who works with Kozoris will show improvements in their performance and ability to achieve their goals.

What makes Kozoris better than any other coach is his enthusiasm for everyone to reach their full potential. With a contagious personality that is inspiring, he makes me want to improve and advance my abilities. I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Kozoris has the best chance to improve their personal skill set.”

Bernie Pimm - Associate Coach, Vernon Vipers (BCHL); Director of Hockey Operations (GVMHA)

“As an amateur and professional hockey coach who has twelve years o experience in training players from ten to twenty years of age, I have employed Greg Kozoris exclusively for strength training education. As a result, an overwhelming amount of players that have utilized the programs that he has created, as well as his guidance and direction to maximize their growth and potential in hockey.

I can state state with full confidence that Greg’s passion for teaching fitness development is unmatched. As is evidenced by the post-graduate education that Greg continues to undertake, this teacher is a lifelong learner in the field of strength and conditioning. Moreover, given the fact that he utilizes his knowledge in a practical sense with athletes from a variety of fields on a daily basis, Greg continues to gain credibility in his respective. In other words, he is definitely a reputable professional.

In hockey, Greg has cultivated a solid reputation as the most knowledgeable, credible and enthusiastic strength and conditioning coach in our immediate region. His willingness to work long hours and be in direct contact with the coaches and the athletes he works with is his most enduring quality. He is a professional who is organized and easy to work with. He spends a surmountable amount of time ensuring that the athletes and coaches he works with are properly educated and more importantly, utilizing his programs responsibly. This grassroots, accessible approach is comforting in a world of ‘cookie-cutter’/franchised programs that are often marketed as a ‘one size fits all’ solution to every athlete’s needs. Greg is responsible, informative, and above all, dedicated to dealing with coaches and athletes in an ethical and productive manner.”

Jameel Aziz - Vice Principle, Brocklehurst Secondary

“Greg has expanded his skills and repertoire to begin a business working with professional and amateur athletes in strength and conditioning. Greg’s reputation amongst these athletes is second to none and I am Unaware of anybody whose work ethic and commitment to his clients is at the same level as Greg’s. Greg has worked each year updating his skills and training to be current and conducts many seminars and education sessions teaching others the skills he has developed over the years. Greg’s reputation as a Strength and Conditioning coach is unparalleled in the area.”

Carolynn Boomer - General Manager, PacificSport Interior BC

“PacificSport Interior BC Society has hired Greg over the past 5 years as a Strength and Conditioning practitioner and course educator for our Athlete and Coach Services Department. He has also been a presenter at our Coaching Symposiums, SportMap Primer and Athlete Forums. Both athletes and coaches have raved about the professional knowledge and energy that Greg delivers to each program.

In closing, Greg is very passionate about being an educator. He constantly goes above and beyond to ensure all individuals and groups he works with are benefiting from the knowledge he is providing.”

Patrick Hennelly - Head Coach Men's Volleyball, Thompson Rivers University

“Greg has been in charge of two distinct phases for the Thompson Rivers University Men’s Volleyball Team, in season and off season. I have been impressed with Greg’s professional approach and thoroughness. I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree and Greg’s expertise in the field of Strength and Conditioning is far beyond the scope of my undergraduate work. Greg not only imparts his knowledge to the athletes, but also his passion and attention to detail. It has been a pleasure watching Greg work and develop my athletes and I have noticed a marked difference in performance and physical abilities. The service that Greg has provided from one on one sessions to modifying the already volleyball specific program towards injured athletes an athletes training over the summer on various national teams has been exceptional. The feedback I have received from the Danish National Team and future member of the WolfPack Martin Korsbak has been very favourable. In fact, Martin has never been exposed to such a thorough and specific program. Greg has been a valuable member of my coaching staff and the energy and level of professionalism have set a benchmark of excellence for the WolfPack Men’s Volleyball Team.”

Ken Rife - Vice Principle/Athletic Director, Westsyde Secondary School

“I am the Vice principle and Physical Education Coordinator at Westsyde Secondary. The Physical Education Department has been using Greg’s strength and conditioning programs for the past four years. In that time, I have been thoroughly impressed with the health gains by the students. The programs are state of the art and of the highest quality. Greg has taken a considerable amount of time to put together separate programs to suit each individual student’s needs. The programs are easy for the students to follow and they thoroughly enjoy the variety and the health gains from Greg’s programs. These gains have had a considerable impact on our athletic program as well.

In addition to my other roles, I am also the Athletic Director at Westsyde Secondary. For the past two years, the football, rugby and basketball teams have adopted Greg’s programs into their training regiment. The coaches have expressed that the fitness level of their athletes has exploded. The athletes have become stronger, quicker and most definitely more fit. In addition to the health gains, coaches like the fact that the athletes enjoy doing Greg’s workouts. The students are very aware that they will see tremendous gains if they follow the programs and do them properly.

Greg maintains a reputation as one of the hardest working, knowledgeable, and best physical education teachers in Kamloops. Greg has completed his Masters Degree at Cowan University in Australia, has spoke at many conferences in Canada and the United States, and has an extensive list of certifications in Exercise Physiology and Strength and Conditioning.”

Holly Eburne - B.P.E., BScR (PT/OT), Dip. Sport Physio, Sage Sport Institute

“Since my career in Sport Physiotherapy began over 25 years ago, I have had many opportunities to work with Greg on a professional and personal basis. I have worked on several Canadian Medical teams at International events, and I don’t think I have ever worked with anyone who has shown more consistent positive energy, or is more dedicated, than Greg. He i passionate about being the best he can be in the area of Strength and Conditioning, and realizes that it is an ongoing learning process. Every day in my Sports Medicine practice, I receive outstanding feedback from his rugby athletes at school, their parents, and the many athletes that he trains at the gym. These young people are excited and proud to be part of his program, which illustrates Greg’s outstanding abilities to coach, motivate, educate and get results.

There is a minority of people whom are able to combine having “fun” with their passion and their work, and Greg is one of these rare individuals. I believe Greg has found what he is meant to be doing — that is helping as many people as possible to improve the quality of their physical and emotional lives. He has so much to give because of his passion, knowledge, honesty and hard work and would be a great mentor and teacher for students entering the field of Physical Education.”