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Using a variety of techniques Greg Kozoris will train individuals or groups in different aspects of physical ability including balance (dynamic & static), agility, speed, power and endurance. These abilities benefit all sports and are helpful for maintaining good overall health. Depending on the needs of the client Greg constructs personalized training routines that include techniques such as plyometrics and ballistic training, proprioception exercises, periodization, aerobic and anaerobic exercises and interval training.

Other benefits of personalized training include muscle imbalance correction, injury prevention as well as an improvement to tendon, ligament and joint stability.

  • Athletic, speed, power, ballistic strength, proprioception.
  • Over speed, aerobic, anaerobic, interval sprint training.
  • Muscular endurance, strength, hypertrophy, power.
  • Plyometrics and explosiveness.
  • Foot speed, agility, balance (dynamic and static).
  • Core strength, and functional stability.


  • Specific training and periodization of cycles of training.
  • Testing, evaluation, biomechanical analysis.
  • Individual, team, and group training.
  • Muscle imbalance correction, injury prevention.
  • Tendon, ligament and joint stability.
  • Periodization.

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Annual Pamphlet – All Sports 2021 – Strength & Conditioning Brochure
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